The kitchen that moves along with you

People tend to relocate throughout their lives, packing up their personal belongings and favourite furniture. Except for two things: the bathroom and the kitchen. These spaces are site-specific and relatively static. That’s odd if you consider (preparing) food to be one of the most essential aspects of our lives. Why can’t you cook exactly the way you want, wherever you are?

“This led me to design a kitchen as a modular and movable furniture collection, with each element serving a specific function—preparation, cooking, storing and cleaning. Each element is purposefully designed for its function and you can set them up just the way you like.” 

Each kitchen module consists of a base plate and a chassis, on which the correct parts are mounted. This makes it easy to customize the modules according to your preferences, and the sides of the module can also be utilized for extra storage space. Think of cutting boards, a spice rack, or cooking utensils. And if you move, you can take everything with you, wherever you go.