The perfect match

Look around. Every year thousands of new furniture hit the market. Many of these pieces are inspired by the latest interior trends, colours and materials. However, if we truly want to change to a more sustainable environment, we should stop designing new stuff every year. We don’t need more, we need timeless furniture pieces that adapt to your evolving taste.

“Proudly I introduce Recover, a mass-produced ergonomic chair crafted from waste materials. Although the initial appearance might seem straightforward, you can customise the chair. Whether you prefer a sporty or high-fashion look, the possibilities are truly limitless.”

The recycled plastic base is the same for every chair; the variation is in the cover. This consists of two parts: a ‘pants’ with four legs for the base and a ‘shirt’ for the upper part. The two parts can easily be put on over the chair and connected with a zipper. Simply add a unique cover that suits your taste or follows the latest fashion trends.