A bike for a lifetime

Cycling is the best way to travel around the city. The bike is compact, flexible and you can park it anywhere. However, as city planning rapidly adjusts to the demands of modern society, the design of our bikes is falling behind, lacking the courage to truly revolutionize smart urban mobility.

“Meet Rebike, your not-so-typical e-bike. Instead of trying to put all kinds of electronic smartness into an existing bike, I did quite the opposite. I started with the electronics and integrated it into one body that fits all. Oh, and of course I added a steer, two wheels, and everything else you would expect of a bike as well.” 

The rebike is modularly constructed and equipped with detachable interior panels. This way, all components are easily accessible for repair, change, update, and customization, and therefore it can last a lifetime. The bike features a maintenance-free shaft drive integrated into the rear fork and additionally, there is a small storage space in the frame for a poncho, lock, or personal belongings.